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Got a question? Find the answer here in our online help section. All our commonly asked questions are answered. Everything you need to know when shopping with us. Step-by-step instruction on how to order and complete payment.Or how to find a product. Is your question about your delivery or something else? Click on the relevant topic below for more information.


  1. How to order (step-by-step instructions)
  2. Completing payment with a credit card
  3. Completing payment with PayPal
  4. Completing Bank Deposit payments
  5. Online payment security
  6. Delivery times
  7. FAQ's on shipping
  8. Cost of shipping
  9. Express Post
  10. Do you ship to a PO Box?
  11. Creating an account
  12. Do you ship to my country?
  13. Authenticity Guarantee
  14. Testimonials

Product Questions

  1. Finding a product
  2. When will a sold out item be back?
  3. Request email update when product back in stock
  4. What is a tester?
  5. What is the batch number?
  6. Increasing fragrance longevity
  7. Storing your fragrance
  8. Comparing fragrances
  9. What is the difference between EDC, EDT & EDP?
  10. How to fix a nozzle
  11. How to choose a fragrance
  12. Independent expert answers top 100 fragrance questions


  1. Price matching
  2. Current promotions
  3. Sale Items
  4. Discounts and coupons
  5. Bulk and wholesale orders

My Order & Delivery

  1. Has my order been shipped?
  2. What does my order status mean?
  3. I want the order left at the door
  4. I need my tracking number
  5. When will my order be delivered?
  6. Where is my order?
  7. What does the tracking mean?
  8. Redirect my order
  9. Why isn't my tracking number working?
  10. I think my order is lost
  11. I missed the delivery or won't be home
  12. Request a return
  13. What is the return process?

My Account

  1. Upgrade guest account to full access account
  2. Re-setting password

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